“Stay hungry, Stay foolish”

Here’s a dangerous question: do you love your work?  I asked my mentor that question years ago when I was just starting out, and only recently I’ve come to understand why it stopped him in his tracks.  Up until recently, my work reflected a particular visual brand: ‘the backlit, happy, smiling lifestyle guy’. I’m really good at it and I’ve helped many clients like Tourism Australia, Paypal, Commonwealth Bank, Cochlear, Johnson & Johnson to set the tone for their brand. I’ve also honed my photographic and directorial skills along the way. Achieved in environments where delivering commercial projects is an art-form in itself.


Now I’m looking for projects I’d walk over hot coals to work on: clients secure in their vision (even if it’s just asking me for mine) and willing to take risk; concepts that treat audiences as capable of interpreting a more complex vision of humanity; stories that run emotionally deeper; or beautiful moments that truly elevate the heart (regardless of how fleeting it may be).


Madebybrown.com is not just about sharing with you what I’ve created… it’s more forward-looking and is designed for you to get to know me, my loves and what makes me tick. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate the potential in allowing me to collaborate on your brand’s story.

I invite you to challenge me.  — Adrian Brown