WHISKY … an insight into Adrian


“The moment you begin to speak you are in error” … so drink whisky and ponder instead.

I started drinking whisky some years ago. Introduced by one of my greatest friends, along with a copy of ‘Zorba the Greek’ (although from memory Zorba drank Ouzo). I found an alignment and appreciation of how finely gratifying the experience is. Small quantities, poured neat or to my liking, with a chipped chard of ice in a heavy crystal glass.

It’s a ritual: I chip away at a chunk of ice and drop it into the glass… There’s the squeaking as the bottle is uncorked, the sound of ice cracking as I pour in the whisky … where solid and fluid liquid forms meet… I watch as the whisky and ice dance, an amber affair … I sip … and absorb.

Below are a few photos of my favourite whisky’s. I always have 12 or so bottles open at any time, selecting the right one for the very moment is akin to choosing a style of music to create a certain ambience. I love it and I hope that you find the simple, refined pleasures in this quality liquor, too.